Monday, April 03, 2017

appInsight - Why usual App Analytics platforms are not helping you

Data is King! There is no doubt that data driven decisions and reasoning is better than guessing. Without data and analytics you are blind. Analytics platforms provide raw data and basic analysis for Apps in the Apple App Store. But there is an often overlooked difference between analytics and getting insights.

There are great options for App and App Store analytics platforms, such as App Annie, AppMonsta, and Appfigures - to name just a few. If you have ever had a look at one of these platforms you might have experienced an overwhelming wealth of data and charts. Although theses platforms are trying to visualise data in order to ease the analysis, such tools are made for experts that have years of experience interpreting charts and data and deducing insights. There still needs to be a human who looks at the data and deducts recommendations and next steps out of it.

The path from data to insight isn’t an easy one and it takes creativity, reasoning and a lot of experience in order to come to the right conclusions, which finally result in recommendations for marketing actions as well as implementing improvements, changes, and whole new features for your App.

appInsight does exactly what it says on the tin, it provides insight into issues, quick wins, improvements, competition, and ways to grow downloads and reviews. And it is easy. You just name your App and receive an easy to understand and to the point report, which shows you recommendations for improving your App’s representation in the store as well as its usage and acceptance by your users.

Recommendations are grouped into the App’s feature set, UI appearance, iTunes metadata that have an impact on your App’s performance in the store, potential and actual technical risks, as well as business considerations. For instance appInsight will tell you what to do in order to get featured in the App Store, how to change or extend your iTunes metadata in detail, if your UI needs to be revamped, if your App is in danger to be removed from the App Store and how to avoid this from happening.

In addition, the report shows your peer group and how your competition is doing and last but not least explains the reasons for our recommendations.

Curious? Visit our website and request further details by contacting us. Data is King, appInsight is Queen!

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