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Your iOS App is in the Apple App Store? Congratulations! You have reached the first stage of a marathon. Besides the obvious challenges there are many tasks lurking in the Apple community and ecosystem.

The most prominent challenges are competition, App Store approval and survival, iOS compatibility, great user experience, and integrating upcoming platform features in your App. Both, Apple and your users are demanding and they are expecting you  to keep up with platform changes and to constantly introduce improvements and new features. Whereas the latter might be at the core of your business the others are of course important but often a pain to monitor and consider in your future releases.

This is where we come into the picture. is the solution for problems that iOS App owners and developers are facing in the Apple ecosystem. It is run by owners and developers who have experienced these challenges and many more first hand and are providing services for fortune 500 companies and small businesses world-wide alike. appGarten takes care of your App with appInsight, appCare, and appServices.

appInsight compares your App to your main competitors and checks for technical risks, security vulnerabilities and gives a completely new view on your App based on customers' feedback and what your competitors do. Ever wonder why your competition is doing better than you? Let appInsight reveal the details.

appCare takes over the code, enhances it with crash monitoring, fixes bugs, releases it to the App Store and keeps your App up-to-date with the latest iOS releases. It reveals what your customers complain about and request for future releases. To sum up, appCare ensures health as well as platform compatibility and helps you to keep your customers happy.

appServices does customer support, implements new features and improvements, enables your App for new devices, optimizes the visibility in the App store and much more. It is a full-fledged, no worries service and support package for your Apps.

We will explain appGarten’s products in detail in our next posts. Stay tuned.

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